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If you already have an online presence or are looking to have an e-commerce website built. It won’t be long before you start incurring substantial costs for online marketing. When selling online many people don’t factor the costs, of online marketing with SEO to build up website traffic that can be converted into sales. With EquusBook.com all online marketing is provided FREE of charge and we already have high volumes of ‘Equestrian’ visitor traffic looking to purchase online. We also promote the website via traditional PR methods at related events.

Are you an equestrian business start selling jodphur, horse riding boots, horse tack and horse riding pants on EquusShop

Increase & improve your online sale conversion performance with our high volume of equestrian visitors searching for products to buy

For any business looking to sell online investing into an E-commerce platform can be very expensive and time consuming with ongoing costs for technical support, maintenance and hosting. Also many businesses don’t realise the enormous amount of effort required to increase site visitor traffic with ongoing marketing awareness. With our in-house team of talented website designers, developers and SEO specialists you have an increased chance of improving your sales conversions. We can also assist you with workshops on how to improve listings to make them more appealing for site visitors.

We require Equestrian business to start selling horse equipment, saddle pads, riding jackets and equestrian boots in EquusShop

What’s the catch?

Once your online shop has been opened on EquusShop all listings are FREE for the first 6 months up-to 500 items. Once this free trial period has expired you will be charged £10.99 per month for your online shop facility. If you wish to close your shop and cancel the rental agreement contract we require 30 days notice. You must also be a registered UK business.

Equestrian business start listings your riding apparel, horse stuff, horse bridle in our equestrian store EquusShop

How does it work?

Manage orders and add new products quickly with our seller dashboard...

Seller Dashboard

Easily manage and process your orders whilst checking the store performance sale figures.

Product listings

Quickly bulk add product listings or update them with our unique CSV file upload system.

Manage orders

Bulk process orders quickly and enter the customer delivery tracking details.

Customer communication

Contact buyers direct with our e-mail system to provide product information details.

Equestrian business start selling online products including saddle cloth, horse blankets, horse rugs and horse riding hats in EquusShop
If would you like more information on selling products via the EquusShop or
require an application form please contact EquusBook customer services.