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  • glow-means-slow
    Glow Means Slow

    What is Glow Means Slow? Glow Means Slow was launched in February 2017, to not only highlight the importance of ‘BEING SEEN’ when riding out on the roads and rural lanes, but also help educate motorists in approaching with ease and courtesy. I am and many others are passionate horse owners/ and lovers. All we w...

    27 Nov | Events & Competitions | 0 comments Read More >>
  • horseshoes-and-luck
    Horseshoes and Luck

    With this guest blog feature Club Cavallo Italia provides a useful insight and explanation why horseshoes bring good luck and explain the many legends and myths associated with this interesting topic. Around the world, Horseshoes symbolise good luck however you have to be very careful to hang them with the tips pointing upwards,...

    13 Nov | News Events Gosssip | 0 comments Read More >>
  • horse-riding-helmets
    Horse Riding Helmets

    Read our Top 10 Horse Riding Helmets review feature. Equusbook is proud to be able to stock some of the top 10 horse riding helmets that provide the best safety and protection for equestrian riders young or old. 1. Champion CPX3000 Horse Riding Helmets This velvet junior helmet is made from ABS and formed by injection moul...

    20 Sep | News Social Community | 0 comments Read More >>
  • horse-riding-holidays
    Horse Riding Holidays

    Are you searching for the perfect horse riding holidays at Equusbook Equestrian Community and Market we want to help you find your perfect getaway and create some memories that you’ll never forget. Below we have provided our Top 10 specialist equestrian websites providing Horse Riding Holidays in the UK. 1. Highlands Un...

    18 Sep | News Social Community | 0 comments Read More >>
  • top-10-horse-riding-boots
    Top 10 Horse Riding Boots

    At Equusbook, we pride ourselves on selling some of the top 10 brands for horse riding boots and other equestrian essentials. We have created the feature below listing the top 10 Horse Riding Boots brands according to our own personal opinion for those people who may be beginners in horse riding or professional riders who simply...

    14 Sep | News Social Community | 0 comments Read More >>
  • international-horse-show
    International Horse Show

    Equusbook is proud to present Olympia, The London International Horse Show on 17th – 23rd December 2018. As well as celebrating Christmas 2018, Olympia also celebrates the fact that it is the only UK equestrian show to host all three of the FEI World Cup Qualifiers in Show Jumping, Dressage and Driving. International ho...

    14 Sep | Events & Competitions | 0 comments Read More >>
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