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Arabian Horses for Sale

Originating from the Arabian Peninsula over 4,500 years ago they are considered to be one of the oldest equine breeds in the world. Initially bred by the Bedouin’s to mount attacks on enemy camps or transport them on long enduring treks. The Arabian horse has adapted to survive the harsh climate conditions of the desert. Due to this reason and their incredible endurance many historical military figures have rode Arabian horses including Napoleon, George Washington, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great. It’s also noted that Arabian horses have developed a close affinity and bond with man they are considered to have a high level of intelligence. They have become one of the most sought after breeds in the world and due to their purity. The Arabian horse has been bred with other horse breeds including the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Morgan to improve characteristics like endurance, speed and refinement. The Arabian horse was also used in Russia to develop the Orloff Trotter and France to create the Percheron breed. If you are looking for a great equine partner we recommend searching our Arabian horses for sale.

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Are you searching for Arabian horses for sale?

If you are trying to locate fine Arabian horses for sale we recommend searching the many EquusBook advertisement listings on the website. The versatile breed are great for any type of equestrian sport and dominate endurance racing competitions, whilst being alert. The Arabian horse has a great willingness to succeed even in challenging situations. Also due to the Bedouin’s keeping their breeding very selective throughout the centuries the purity of the breed has been retained. The characteristics that distinguish the Arabian horse breed are their tiny curved ears, enlarged nostrils and wide set eyes positioned on their finely chiselled bone broad forehead.

Useful facts on Arabian horses for sale

Due to their ability to survive in the desert, scientists have discovered that Arabian horses possess slower twitching muscle fibres compared to fast twitch fibres present in most other breeds. This genetic difference enables them to use oxygen more efficiently whilst retaining great speed over long distances, ideal for endurance competition races. Not many equestrian riders know that Arabian horses have one less vertebrae missing from the their back that reduces their length along with only have 17 ribs rather than the standard 18 ribs found with other horse breeds. Another useful fact when trying to find genuine Arabian horses for sale, is that the trait of a pure Arabian is their black skin. Another unique characteristic of the Arabian horse breed is their high set tail due to having one less vertebrae present.

find arabian horses for sale on Equusbook arab horses are perfect for equestrian endurance competition racing bred with thoroughbreds pure equine breed


Assistance in finding suitable Arabian horses for sale

If you are new to the equestrian world or just seeking some advice before trying to find suitable Arabian horses for sale. We recommend joining The Arab Horse Society of Great Britain who should be able to provide specialist knowledge on this truly magnificent established equine breed.




Arabian horses for sale, the arab horse is perfect for equestrian endurance competitions


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