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Dressage Horses for Sale

If you are interested in dressage horses for sale you’ll find a comprehensive selection on EquusBook with listings from private individuals, professional horse breeders and equine agents. Deemed to be the greatest expression of training the rider and horse are expected to perform a range of predetermined figures that can appear like the horse is jogging. Enabling the horse to perform the exquisite movements and manoeuvres whilst carrying a rider can take month’s, merely to strengthen the animals legs to carry the additional weight.

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Training Dressage Horses for sale


The word ‘Dressage’ originates from the French phrase ‘Training’ and is the term given to the dressage horse for systematic coaching that will enhance the horse’s athletic ability whilst making them more supple, attentive and willing to work with the rider. This amazing bond and trust between the dressage horse and rider provides an excellent example for horsemanship. The original art form of Horse Dressage has a glorious history with the equestrian pursuit documented in Federico Grisone’s Renaissance book ‘The Rules of Riding’ published in 1550. The Neapolitan nobleman who operated a riding academy in Naples from 1532 to 1550 is widely considered to be first the recognised master of dressage. With his training methods eventually be adopted throughout France by Giovanni Battista. This meant great nobles and military cavalries across the world started to create demand in seeking fine dressage horses for sale.

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Competition dressage horses for sale.


The ancient sport of horse dressage was introduced to the Olympics in 1912 with riders competing at Grand Prix level. With the modern sport based on ‘classical dressage’ used by military cavalries to manoeuvre their horses during training and throughout battles. The movements are usually performed naturally by the horse in the wild whilst competing, fighting, playing and courting. However it takes a great level of skill to perform these actions when mounted with a rider. If you wish to compete at the highest competition levels, you will probably require dressage horses for sale that have been specifically bred for this specific equestrian sporting discipline.

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The other leading competition events include: The Dressage World Cup and the World Equestrian Games with the rules being governed by the FEI Fédération Équestre Internationale based in Lausanne, Switzerland. During Grand Prix events the dressage horse is scored from 1 to 10 with the following movement test requirements that include: Flying changes, extended gaits, pirouette, half-pass, piaffe, passage and collected gaits with a trot and canter.


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Finding suitable Dressage horses for sale


When searching for a good dressage horse pay special attention to their hind quarters these are the most important element that provide the animals push. Also when viewing the dressage horse don’t get overwhelmed with their ability to trot, this is the easiest gait. Far more important is their ability to walk that should have a 4 beat pattern with a natural consistent over step. If you are working within a tight budget to find a dressage horse for sale, remember size is not important and anything from a Shire to a small Shetland pony can be suitable. On EquusBook you will find a wide selection of dressage horses for sale throughout the UK including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Remember training a dressage horse can take many years of dedication and patience to reach the level of the word’s greatest competition riders including Carl Hester, Spencer Wilton and Hayley Watson-Greaves.

British Dressage Association

For more information on horse dressage and competitions we recommend joining the British Dressage Association. The National Championships are held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire throughout September.



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