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Horse Deals

Are you currently searching online for horse deals in your local area? At EquusBook Equestrian Community & Marketplace we have plenty of horses for sale including the following popular breeds: Arabian, Morgan, Appaloosa, Warmbloods, Paint, Andalusian, Clydesdale, Irish Draught, Dutch Warmblood, Friesian and Thoroughbreds. You will also find many ponies available on the website including popular breeds like the Shetland, Welsh and Dartmoor pony. Also unlike other popular equestrian selling sites who primarily focus on listing horse deals we also provide a marketplace with new and old items for sale allowing you to purchase saddle rugs, saddles and tack including bridles, girths, gags and harnesses at prices to suite everyone’s budget.

Finance for horse deals

If you are interested in some of the horse deals listed on EquusBook, but they are outside your budget don’t worry. We recommend you contact Pegasus our finance partner who can provide affordable plans with the ability to borrow up-to 100% of the sale price. They also assist with the initial deposit and payout within 24 hours so you don’t risk missing out on your dream horse.

Horse deals, Pony deals with Pegasus horse finance and loans EquusBook equestrian marketplace


Listing your horse deals

Also if you’re a private individual, breeder or trainer it’s possible to list your horse deals on EquusBook with free adverts and we don’t charge any commission or fee’s on the sale. With over 1 million regular horse riders in the UK and our large community of equestrians frequently revisiting the site it’s a great opportunity to sell your horse or pony quickly.

Horse deals on equusbook include arabian horses, warmbloods, andalusian, friesian, morgan and appaloosa horses

Are some horse deals risky

Whilst most people with horse deals listed on EquusBook are genuine and honest with a great passion for everything equestrian. You must be aware that when buying a horse or pony from a private individual, if the horse has a hidden medical or injury problem, it’s your responsibility to prove the seller knew. This can sometimes become very expensive with legal costs and a lengthy process to sue the private buyer to recover your money. Due to this reason it’s your responsibility to thoroughly inspect the horse and seek the services of an impartial qualified equine veterinary doctor, to also medically inspect the horse prior to buying. If you are a novice or simply find buying a horse or pony from a private individual selling on EquusBook risky, why not seek the many dealers who also have listings on the website. When buying from a recognised horse dealer you have more security and are protected by the ‘sales of goods act’ for peace of mind. This means if the purchased horse or pony is unsuitable or not as per described you are entitled to a full refund due to your statutory rights. This also protects you against ‘lameness’ provided you had no prior knowledge of the condition. Or in the event the description provided is misleading or fraudulent and does not match the horse in terms of pedigree or age details for example, you should be entitled to a refund based on these circumstances.

Horse deals with horse listings from breeders and dealers equusbook equestrian marketplace guide


Useful tips to avoid bad horse deals

Before contacting sellers with horse deals that you find interesting, it’s important that you conduct your research by contacting relevant associates or registry’s to check the horse or pony is genuine as per described and not stolen. When visiting the seller we always recommend taking another person preferably a more experienced horse rider than yourself to ask for their advice and they will become a valid witness should you decide to purchase. Whilst visiting the seller make sure you ride the horse or pony to gain an understanding of their temperament and behaviour characteristics and also ask the current owner/rider to mount the animal and perform some movements. If you are not 100% sure or wish to protect yourself from purchasing a dodgy horse or pony, try to request a 1 week or monthly loan period allowing you to ride the animal in your own surroundings to monitor their reaction. Whilst horse dealers are usually obliging for you to return a horse or pony with behavioural or physical problems in exchange for a refund, make sure you have everything documented in a written agreement. Also remember whilst a full medical inspection by a qualified equine vet can be expensive it could save you £1000s and a lot of stress in the long term should the horse or pony become sick or not as per described.

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