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Horse Riding Helmets

Read our Top 10 Horse Riding Helmets review feature. Equusbook is proud to be able to stock some of the top 10 horse riding helmets that provide the best safety and protection for equestrian riders young or old.

1. Champion CPX3000 Horse Riding Helmets

This velvet junior helmet is made from ABS and formed by injection moulding in a three-point webbing harness, so it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It carries the style of a traditional riding hat and is available in a wide range of sizes from 51cm to 63cm. Inside, compressed sponge and felt is used to line the inside of the helmet as a cushion to make it more impact resistant. The insulated foam also alters for a snug fit when worn.


2. Harry Hall Legend Junior Horse Riding Helmets

This helmet keeps your head cool with its front ventilation structure which allows your head to breath and is very lightweight to carry or wear. The inside is lined with padding which creates a good shock absorbent layer and provides comfort for the rider, the covering of the helmet is also cased in a microfibre suede for that classic equestrian stylish look. The Harry Hall Legend Junior Horse Riding Helmets are available in the following sizes 52cm to 61cm.


top 10 horse riding helmets Champion CPX3000 Harry Hall Legend Junior Horse Riding Helmets blog review

3. Evolution Puissance Horse Riding Helmets

This stylish horse riding helmet provides an excellent air flow through the front ventilation inlets whilst its shell is produced from low profile fibreglass in a four-pointed harness which makes it very lightweight. Rendered in synthetic suede and padding down the middle, the horse riding helmet has a high-end trendy look. With the horse riding helmet also featuring a simple release buckle which makes it very quick and easy to fasten and undo. Evolution Puissance Horse Riding Helmets are available in a wide range of popular sizes 51-55cm and 56-63cm.


4. Charles Owen 4 Star Horse Riding Helmets

This horse riding helmet is created with a fibre-reinforced shell and includes a GRpx® harness system for maximum impact resistance and stability. It has a front ventilation system channelled through holes in the helmet and Coolmax mesh so you can stay cool in the saddle. The helmet also includes a magnetic clasp for a quick and simple closure of the chin strap which is adjustable and is made from quality synthetic leather. These horse riding helmets are available in the following sizes 54-62 cm.


5. Kask Dogma Chrome Light Horse Riding Helmets

This elegant horse riding helmet was designed so that the ventilation holes at the front promotes airflow, therefore, perspiration can easily evaporate. It’s made from ABS to make it very impact resistant and lightweight. Also, the horse riding helmet utilises 100% Marino wool to line the inside providing excellent padding. Another additional benefit of Marino wool is that it’s easier for your head to breathe whilst keeping you insulated and protected from bacteria and irritation. For the immediate comfortable adjustment, the FIT system has been designed to hug the back of the head nicely for a secure feeling.


top 10 horse riding helmets Uvex exxential peace Horse Riding Helmets equusbook marketplace uk blog

6. Uvex exxential peace Horse Riding Helmets

This fashionable helmet uses Polycarbonate, an appropriate, insulating and lightweight material that is suitable in different climates, also being washable you can avoid allergic reactions. The Uvex horse riding helmet is fitted with the uvx IAS size adjustment system in which you can alter the height and width to securely fit the rider’s head. It also has direct airflow for maximum ventilation and a chin strap which is very sustainable and easily adjustable.


7. Charles Owen Pro II Skull Horse Riding Helmets

The Pro II helmets have GRpx ® technology harnesses so you can adjust it fit your head all the way around. As well as their versatile designs and quality in performance. They come in a verity of flashy colours that stand out from all the rest. It also has ventilation slots in the front and back to allow air flow and silver ions that increase the protection of anti-microbial from sweat and odours.


8. Samshield Shadowmatt Horse Riding Helmets

This specialist helmet is made of polycarbonate, the material used for sturdy expensive motorcycle helmets and boasts a matte finish which is made difficult to scratch. They come in 3 different colours and with or without Swarovski crystals. It has 4-5 inches of thick padding all around the inside of the helmet and you have the option of a dressage chin strap which allows hair to be tied up. The horse riding helmet can also accommodate a shadow liner in which you can alter the length for more balance and support without messing with the airflow.


9. Gatehouse Conquest MkII Horse Riding Helmets

Influenced by the slim profile of a traditional design, this modern hat is lightweight and a flexible new addition to helmet designs. As part of its design, there are two rose gold strips of metal to add to that eye-catching and iconic look which compliments the matte shell. The Gatehouse Conquest MkII uses a stainless steel mesh covering the vents for a better airflow and is featured with a padded liner that is quick drying and moisture absorbing and can be removed for washing. These horse riding helmets are available in the following size 53-57cm variants.


top 10 horse riding helmets Charles Owen Pro II Skull Horse Gatehouse Conquest equusbook equestrian uk

10. Fouganza C700 Horse Riding Helmets

This helmet is made with luxury suede and lined with 100% ABS, making it lightweight. With the horse riding helmet incorporating a 4-point harness for maximum superior support. This equestrian riding safety product is constructed to shield even the most experienced riders. The Fouganza C700 Horse Riding Helmet has 30 front ventilation holes and foam padded lining that can be removed and washed. Also, it has a comfortable padded chin strap which is easily adjustable and has a quick buckle release that can be undone with just one hand.



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