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International Horse Show

Equusbook is proud to present Olympia, The London International Horse Show on 17th – 23rd December 2018. As well as celebrating Christmas 2018, Olympia also celebrates the fact that it is the only UK equestrian show to host all three of the FEI World Cup Qualifiers in Show Jumping, Dressage and Driving.

International horse show History

Olympia was originally launched in June 1907 where the first horse show was held in West London and even attracted members of Royalty to the event. This iconic equestrian showpiece was initially called the International Horse Show. However, due to the second world war starting during 1939, the last show was performed in Olympia before it was rejuvenated in 1947 with a new venue at White City. But due to the historic relationship with previous shows, the prestigious London International Horse Show returned to Olympia. With annual shows performed at the venue from 1972 onwards. Ever since it has been named the Olympia International Horse Show this marque event has become recognised globally to be one of the biggest annual equestrian shows of all time.

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International horse show Shetland Pony Grand National

Some of the Olympia International Horse Show entertainment displays include The Kennel Club Dog Agility. This annual feature has become everyone’s favourite competition highlight with spectators watching all types of dogs race through obstacles to win by achieving the best time. The Osborne Refrigerators sponsored Shetland Pony Grand National is another favourite highlight with attendees at the Olympia International Horse Show watching Shetland ponies with their young riders race against each other around the arena.

International horse show show Kennel Club

A few of the sponsors of the Olympia International Horse Show include The Pony Club, The Kennel Club and Osborne Refrigerators. The Pony Club is an organisation for young volunteers who are committed to helping young people learn how to ride and care for horses. The Kennel Club is an iconic organisation within the UK that specialises in supporting the health and well-being of dogs by caring for them. They have invaluable experience and knowledge in dog breeding and dog training with their information benefiting pet owners. Lastly, Osborne Refrigerators Ltd is a business that manufactures specialist commercial fridges built to store large cases of cold beverages such as wine and beer.

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Visiting the International horse show, join the Equusbook Equestrian Community.

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