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Miniature Horses for Sale

Have you been trying to find suitable miniature horses for sale online. They are very common and relatively cheap to purchase with miniature horses becoming a great pet and friend for children. The Hapsburg Royal Family who were the most powerful rulers of Europe in the early 17th century kept miniature horses for companions. In the USA The Guide Horse Foundation train miniature horses to help blind people in the community, with the animals becoming an affectionate companion for the owner. The miniature horse is a perfectly scaled down version of a standard riding horse and once fully grown should not exceed 34 inches in height.

Checking miniature horses for sale

Whilst they are not many official breeds, we recommend checking the miniature horses for sale have a passport. The recently founded British Miniature Horse Society launched in 1992 promote the breeding, general welfare and showing of miniature horses around the UK. With the responsibility of being the mother stud book for British miniature horses and members located in 12 neighbouring EU countries. The (BMHS) manage and issue passports along with any registration documentation requirements.


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Miniature horses for sale are a great companion for young children

With miniature horses being playful they are quick to learn by negotiating obstacle courses, performing dressage movements or even jumping. It’s also possible for small younger children to ride miniature horses with them able to pull around 1.5 times their own weight they are very strong animals.


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Types of Miniature horses for sale

With most miniature horses for sale found in Europe and the Americas their are two main official registration organisations in the USA, with the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) and the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA). During the 1800s the Falabella miniature horse breed that rarely grow beyond 8 hands in height, was developed by Patrick Newell in Argentina. The Falabella miniature horse is considered to be a descendent of the Andalusian and Iberian bloodlines introduced by the Spanish during the Aztec Empire conquests. You will also find miniature horses for sale in Africa with many resembling Arabian and draft horses. In 1945 Wynand de Wet became the first breeder of miniature horses located in Lindley, South Africa. Wit the South African Miniature horse becoming a recognised independent breed in 1989 with other 700 horses officially registered throughout the country.





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