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Morgan Horse

A prominent figure in America’s equestrian history, the Morgan Horse breed was born in the late 17th century. The breed originally started due to a singing school teacher called Justin Morgan having a ‘Bay’ horse that could out distance and out pull any other horse. Whilst being very intelligent and possessing a calm disposition. The original horse called ‘Figure’ owned by Justin Morgan soon became a highly sought after stallion for breeding purposes around the New England state of America. It’s widely believed that the first Morgan horse was the off-spring of a dam and sire that probably had elements of Thoroughbred, Friesian and Arabian bloodlines. With some specialist equestrian historian’s also believing that the sire of ‘Figure’ was a well respected horse called ‘True Briton’.

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With the proactive stallion breeding program starting to commence by putting ‘Figure’ out to stud. The Morgan horse breed named after the original owner ‘Justin Morgan’ soon became America’s favourite all-purpose universal horse that was great at working in the fields, on the racing track and at home pulling the family carriage with an harness. The Morgan horse would later be utilised by cavalry soldiers on both sides fighting the American Civil War conflict across the United States. Defined by their distinctive top line and strong compact body characteristics the breed has greatly influenced the American Standardbred, American Quarter Horse and Tennessee Walking Horse. The breed is also the official horse for the state of Massachusetts and although rare dependent on their bloodline they can be gaited to perform the fox-trot, rack and pace. Due to the significant impact of the Morgan Horse breed in America. Disney released a film about this fascinating story in US Equestrian history, with Don Murray playing the lead role of Justin Morgan. With the impressive breed still remaining popular today all Morgan’s can be traced back to ‘Figures’ famous three sons ‘Sherman, Bulrush and Woodbury’.

What are Morgan Horse Characteristics

Most Morgan horses usually have solid dark coloured coats including bays and chestnut shades, however their is no official breed colour. You must also be aware that certain Morgan horse breeders specialise in providing their horses with unique coats including pinto, dun, gray and roan for example. They are renowned for being an easy keeper whilst being a strong horse with incredible stamina whilst demonstrating a great eagerness. However if you are looking to buy a Morgan Horse we strongly recommend you have the animal medically examined by an experienced veterinary doctor prior to purchasing. This is due to the breed suffering with a genetic disease Type 1 polysaccharide storage myopathy a dominant muscle disease condition. That is predicted to potentially affect around 1 percent of the total Morgan Horses in the world based on a scientific research study. The average lifespan for a Morgan Horse is usually around 20-30 years with the official breed registry noting that many horses live beyond 30 years provided they receive good care and attention throughout their life.

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Morgan Horse Association

If you are looking to purchase a Morgan Horse or simply require more information we recommend contacting the Morgan Horse Association in the UK. You will also find many Morgan Horse for sale with listings on the EquusBook Equestrian Community & MarketPlace website. The official Morgan Horse association in America is a great resource tool, with the organisation hosting a dedicated Museum on-site in tribute to this magnificent breed.




Morgan horse for sale, american equestrian history named after Justin Morgan sire to Sherman, Bulrush and Woodbury


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