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Shetland pony for sale

Have you been tasked with finding a Shetland pony for sale by your children. The world famous ponies originated in the Shetland Isles, north of Scotland and have inhabited the islands for over 2000 years with many still roaming wild today. The Shetland pony usually grows to a height of between 28 and 42 inches and provides the perfect pony for children to ride or driving pony with adults.

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Increasing Shetland pony for sale due to collieries

With the shetland pony breed able to survive on sparse grazing land and withstand the harshest winter conditions of the Shetland Isles. They are also able to carry considerable weight usually around 9 stone with the Shetland Ponies being used to pull carts of seaweed, peat and even coal in mining pits. Due to being a docile natured breed the Shetland Pony was willing to work in the underground conditions of a mine after the abolishment of child labour. With this increasing demand for pit ponies The Marquis of Londonderry opened stud farms in Bressay and Noss in the 1870s, to supply Shetland pony for sale with collieries. During 1899 the stud farms eventually closed with Lady Hope acquiring a group of Shetland Ponies and transporting them back to her stud in County Sussex where they are still bred today.

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Does the Shetland pony for sale have a passport

Due to rising popularity with the breed in 1890 the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society was formed to catalogue the animals whilst protecting their welfare. When speaking with a breeder or owner on EquusBook with a Shetland pony for sale, ask them to provide the passport documentation. In recent years the Shetland pony is no longer exposed to a hard working life and are mainly used by children for riding.


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Within the Shetland pony breed their are two types of distinct characteristics. The lighter free moving pony with a high tail carriage and pretty head is perfect for riding, whilst the heavier type with powerful chest and shoulders are more suitable for driving. Officially the height limit for adult ponies is 42 inch, ponies over 34 inch are standard and ponies 34 inch and under are known as miniatures. With around 2000 Shetland pony foals registered every year they are great equine companion for any child interested in equestrian activities.


The Pony Club

Originally founded in 1927 and becoming a registered charity in 1997, The Pony Club organisation currently operate within a network of 480 centres across the UK. The voluntary youth organisation encourage young people to ride and correctly care for ponies and horses.


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