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Top 10 Horse Riding Boots

At Equusbook, we pride ourselves on selling some of the top 10 brands for horse riding boots and other equestrian essentials. We have created the feature below listing the top 10 Horse Riding Boots brands according to our own personal opinion for those people who may be beginners in horse riding or professional riders who simply want the best quality footwear.

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1. Ariat Horse Riding Boots

Ariat horse riding boots are well respected within the equestrian community due to the innovative technology incorporated within the footwear. They also have great appeal to high society fashion followers who enjoy the country lifestyle. The durable horse riding boots made with high-quality leather are a testament to Ariat’s dedication in designing and manufacturing horse riding boots, that never fail to attract the wealthier more affluent riders in equestrian society.


2. Brogini Horse Riding Boots

A slightly more affordable brand, however, there is still that sense of high-quality fashion and premium materials that also, makes Brogini Horse Riding Boots very popular with the wealthy people of equestrian culture. However, they are most famous for having the renowned British equestrian show-jumping legend John Whitaker’s stamp of approval. Due to this reason, Brogini Horse Riding Boots are considered a very popular choice amongst equestrian horse riders, providing them with confidence in purchasing high-quality footwear.


top 10 riding boot brands der dau new york olympics jose der waterproof hand made craftsmanship luxury

3. Dubarry Horse Riding Boots

Dubarry have gained a reputation for being the essential footwear brand when it comes to comfort and everyday hiking. Whilst they may be considered one of the most expensive brands for riding boots, they bring a lot of advantages. Including an adjustable strap that fits around your calf providing the ultimate comfort along, with the horse riding boots being incredibly durable and waterproof. Dubarry country boots are perfect for keeping your feet dry due to the inner GORE-TEX lining.


top 10 riding boot brands brogini horse riding boots john whitaker showjumping equestrian equusbook footwear

4. Der Dau Horse Riding Boots

Der Dau is a brand of horse riding boots that originated in New York over 50 years ago, due to the fine master craftsmanship of Jose Der. With all Der Dau horse riding boots still built by craftsmen using the finest materials and traditional techniques under the leadership of the Der Dau founders son. Their unique methods and passion to provide the finest horse riding boots have attracted horse riders from the Olympics as they are widely worn by the competitors. Der Dau horse riding boots are suitable for all elements of horse riding and the high functionally design exceeds the demands of modern equestrian riders.


top 10 riding boot brands master harry hall horse riding boots grip stirrups affordable equusbook equestrian shop

5. Middleburg Horse Riding Boots

Middleburg boots have always been the perfect versatile boots for everyday wearing whilst in the countryside. Their sustainable nubuck leather means that they are long lasting, durable, waterproof and comfortable for a wide range of activities in any type of weather conditions.


6. Noble Outfitters Horse Riding Boots

Noble Outfitters is a prestigious brand closely associated with country and equestrian life enabling people to enjoy outdoor pursuits whilst in the ultimate comfort. They produce a range of horse riding essentials but their wide range of footwear is well suited for every outdoor activity. These unique designed boots are undoubtedly some of the comfiest and weather resistant available, perfect for daily stable work.


7. Mark Todd Horse Riding Boots

Since the 1970s, Mark Todd has created some of the most shock resistant, well fitted and long-lasting horse riding boots. With his personal ethos on manufacturing high-quality footwear, Mark Todd Horse Riding boots are suitable for equestrian competition event wear or casual horse riding.


top 10 riding boot brands middleburg dubarry countrywear nobble outfitters equusbook equestrian shop uk

8. Grubs Horse Riding Boots

Grubs boots are the definition of high-quality standards and make sure that their boots are warm, comfortable, waterproof and have excellent grip. The Rideline Grubs horse riding boots range are a versatile option that is an ideal footwear choice when also conducting stable work duties.


9. Mountain Horse Riding Boots

Mountain Horse is widely associated with being the perfect horse riding boots brand when it comes to sustainability. With the company launched by Lars Sjöswärd recently celebrating 30 years, they produce some of the toughest, insulated and shock resistant horse riding boots. With a strong focus on improving processes and carefully selecting ethical materials along with a ban on incorporating natural with their products, they have become the equestrian brand of choice for more environmentally aware horse riders around the world.


top 10 riding boot brands ariat innovative technology equestrian society horse riding footwear review feature equusbook

10. Harry Hall Horse Riding Boots

Harry Hall provide an extensive selection of good quality horse riding boots at affordable prices. They’re designed to have plenty of grip whilst in the saddle with the directional outer sole firmly gripping in the stirrup for improved riding control. Along with being a secure fit the innovative gel sole technology incorporated into many of the Harry Hall horse riding boots range easily absorbs the impact pressure when riding for the ultimate comfort.


top 10 riding boot brands mountain horse riding boots Lars Sjöswärd mark todd horse riding boots equusbook uk



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