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Product Safety Notice Disclaimer

The safety of our customers when purchasing products is the main responsibility for EquusBook. All MarketPlace sellers providing goods on this website are all registered UK businesses and have been approved after completing our contractual trade agreement. This means all sellers must only sell items that are legally permitted in the UK and are approved by the British Standards organisation. If you believe an item is faulty, illegal or fake please contact the EquusBook customer service team immediately.

EquusBook product and services disclaimer

Please note EquusBook accept no legal responsibility for any products being misused and are not liable for any compensation claims should they arise or health and safety violations. All legal cases should they arise must be addressed by the individual MarketPlace seller. With any compensation or infringements of UK law the full responsibility of their organisation. EquusBook accept no liability legally or financially with regards to dangerous goods that are faulty, illegal or fake. Due this reason any claims for damages must be issued to the individual MarketPlace seller responsible.

However if you are concerned about the safety of a product purchased in the MarketPlace please get in touch and we will promptly investigate your claim.